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Topeka, Kansas
Journey for Justice (J4J) non-profit org.who's members come from all over the US to stand on the streets of Topeka KS and "express our right of free speech" to the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), who's church members, refered to as "the Haters", go out of their way to protest against the US, and it's citizens by yelling and showing signs of their mission of hate. Funerals of our fallen Service men and women are but the latest target gropu of people they attend with the intent to disrupt with their hateful intent. Journey 4 Justice is going right to their compound in Topeka KS letting them know we the people do not agree with what they are doing and want them to stop spreading hate and discontent. Please support Charlie Barnes and Journey4Justice by joining J4J or at least "liking" them on Facebook. i ask you to also read about this hateful group of people living among us. Its sick what they are doing for no good reason. It's hate crimes against our country and it's wrong. Links are: :

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