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Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Ride

Arvada, Colorado
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2012-10-21 Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Ride :     
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TEXT UPDATED:  2012-11-06 
Great event,  About 2000 people.  $42,000 raised and given to the Ridgeway family.
The main organizer of the event was Tim Beckwith of Beckwith MotorSport, stop by his shop and say hi, buy something and tell them you saw the picts on Phat Ratt Photo's web site. 

Thank you all for coming out on such short notice for good cause.  No accidents that i heard of so that's good too.  
Turns out the run went a few blocks away from the monster who Killed Jessica who told his mom about it the next day who called the cops the day after that.    
I like to think hearing 2 hours of Bikes and bikers going around the area put some fear in him and made him confess.   

What a nice mess at the start point too. Loved it.. They could not have planned it better.  You all did the right thing after the parking lot filled up too...Took advantage of he chaos and disorder and parked as you should have.... Anywhere you wanted and could... Good for you.  loved seeing all those bikes on sidewalks, in turn lanes, grass etc..  How often can you do that and get away with it? 
You know it too,  What they gonna do about it.? Tell us to leave?  haha  ok,  we did and then came back and parked all over the place again..   LOL great!!!!  t;his time with police there too.  
That is how it use to be, no traffic control or parking lot organizers, we knew what to do, decided what was safe and never had a problem.  What fun.  Oh and how about that one little gal at the entrance, doing traffic all by her self, turning everyone around with no fear or panic.  Gotta thank her for good job and keeping her cool.   I would have just gave up and enjoyed the chaos.  
So I would like to thank you all for making this memorable for me and the rest of the attended and contributing to the family by showing support as well as monetarily..  

MESSAGES TO SOME OF YOU:    Here is some advise I have on some things i noticed during this event i like to share with some of you..
ILLEGAL PARKING AT THE END:  normally its fine as long as everyone is still there.  but as people begin to leave your bike could be left out there all alone making it a target tor towing or someone hitting it.   There is Strength in numbers but as those numbers go down you gotta get out of the bar and check on your ride, move it closer and more legal as needed...

LADIES;  2000 pictures , nice day, no citizens around to freak out and not one of you flashed me. Shame on you.  Yes not an event where you felt that way but we are still bikers are we not?   Lets get better at that shall we..

ROCKET / SPORT BIKERS:  Bring More Girls riding bitch...  I Love to see and photography them asses riding as back as much as your riding buddies do.. yes i noticed the bikes with the girls are in front of the rest.. duaaa. you know what i mean too.   We should get together and do a photo shoot.  Just a party of Sport bikers, babes and me with my camera... Mix it up and have fun, no charge.  Call me.  we make a Sport bike calendar or something.. 

My bad, I missed a bunch of bikes in the beginning mostly because YOU ALL LEFT EARLY and I was not ready.  Quit that!   Speeding by me to mess me up is one thing but stay with the schedule the organizers setup. 
I gonna split up this folder into several smaller ones soon as well as clean out the duplicates.  

Ripple Ratt
Founder: Phat Ratt Photography

2012-10-21 Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Rid ...

2012-10-21 Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Ride - Videos :

2012-10-21 Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Rid ...

2012-10-21 Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Ride - by DebiL :

2012-10-21 Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Rid ...

2012-11-04 Jessica Ridgeway Ride @ Hiccups by Debi :

2012-11-04 Jessica Ridgeway Ride @ Hiccu ...

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